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Official Falcons Vs Niners Game Day Thread

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Umm...maybe because he isn't?

Not technically but he's only started 8 games in the NFL.

Just came across this tweet. Tim is a Mercury News Sports columnist.

Tim Kawakami@timkawakami

Just ran into Eddie DeBartolo Jr. on the sidelines. Asked him about 49ers' chances today. "This is a warm-up game," Eddie D said.

Eddie is an a$$.

What do you expect him to say?

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Remember people, when things are getting out of control for the home team in the third quarter, don't get too down. Yes, it will be all over, but get up and get out of the house. Move on. Find something fun to do to take your mind off the blow-out loss. Don't let the debacle on the field ruin your quality of life. Don't let it cause you needless grief. Remember, you had no control over what happened. Don't fret over things beyond your control.

What ever you do, resist the urge to do what you normally do..... scream and yell profanaties at the home team. Always remember that the players are not intentionally getting beat. they are doing the best they can.

But it's so hard to not get mad, all they have to do is exactly what I'm telling them to do. Can't they hear me?

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Well I cannot be there with you guys in person, but by God I am there in spirit.

Have everything arranged, thanks to Sky Sports over here in UK I can at least watch it all live

Come on Falcons! No penalties - no turnovers- not today!

Speak with all you brilliant Falcons Fans after the game when we can celebrate the win together.

PMA!!! Positive Mental Attitude all the way today guys

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