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Official Falcons Vs Niners Game Day Thread


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Falcon fans making excuses. We shut you out in tge 2nd half. Football is a game of balance and halftime adjustments. You guys dont make asjustmenrs at halftime. You guys couldnt run the football. You cant throw it 50 times and beat us!

I think someone needs a spellcheck.

Anyhow, we lost. We regroup and we come back stronger next year. I think Gonzo will return since it was so close. San Fran had to FIGHT for this win. Nobody gave us a chance and we made them FIGHT for everything. I'm proud of this team. For any of you trashing Ryan...... F*CK YOURSELVES!!!

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WOW.... Cincinnati knows how you feel Atlanta fans!!!!! I will not watch the Super Bowl as this

Falcon loss was just as sick as my team losing to the Texans...

I wish your team had our defense.... "you guys would've probably won"

If only we had your defense. Go win that playoff game next year. You don't want the same label we had.

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This will live in Infamy

& Yall superbowl was the seattle win.

& Yes, but cmon, the threads trash talkin', wasn't even a single trash talk thread about the Falcons on the 49ers board. The sign this, the New Orleans revengee thread, Yeah, buddy, justt accept it. I went through that first quarter.

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