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Have I Ever Mentioned I Cant Stand Warren Sapp

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I watched him on bbq pitmasters...I love the guy as a food analyst and he seems pretty ok as a person I really like him...but he still has so much competitiveness about him and being a buc he does not fair nicely when it comes to the falcons. He was saying great things last week at halftime and it was awesome to hear him backpeddle but if a player is still so set in his competitive nature with dislike of teams or rivals....maybe its not time to be a professional analyst on tv yet. Maybe stick with the bucs or food or whatever but if not let it go.. I coukd never do it myself I woild be talking bad about our rivals so I get that but dont sit on that set if you are going to still have that biased opinion.

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He sure is proud of himself. Very detailed analysis....just like his bankruptcy list of assets

where he included 270 pairs of " high end sneakers"

I would like to see a feature on him on "Football Life " documenting his foolish handling of

millions of dollars right into bankruptcy. I cant stand this joker, like to slap that shyt eating

grin right off of his face.

Biggest fool in football, not even a close challenger....he wont last.

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Warren (The) Sapp enflames every fiber of my being with disgust, revulsion and supreme hatred. In other words, I don't dislike him nearly as much as I do Heath Evans, but I really don't care for the dude.

I couldn't stand Sapp when he played for the Yucks and can barely tolerate him as a commentator. Evans and Sharper are equal wastes of airtime as well angry.png .
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