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I'm from Denmark as well, and I'f I had the money, I would do the same.. I think being so far away from the team you follow, almost forces you to go in these type of situations.. I went to a game as well once. In december 2007 in Tampa vs. the Sucs. Horrible game, but it was so cool to finally get to watch my Falcons live. If us fans across the pond are willing to go for those kind of games, I'm not surprised that there are a couple of eauropean fans for this kind of game! :D.. I hope they'll represent their european Falcon brethren very well! :)

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If we go to the Superbowl, I might make the trip to NO from Germany... but I think I would need some help, because I have never been to the States and probably get ripped off trying to buy a ticket biggrin.png

As long as you buy it from ticketmaster or StubHub you will get in. Even if tickets are fake, they will make sure you get in. Although chances are slim that they will be counterfeit from these sites. I only know of one person that received fake tickets from StubHub, but they were reimbursed and still got into the game. With even better seats no less.

Just avoid buying from individuals. Try to go with a reputable ticket seller who offers a guarantee and insurance. Might be a little more expensive, but worth the hassle of getting ripped off.

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great to see Denmark represented. i am very much looking forward to the day i am able to afford going to a game. especially if it can be a championship game.

btw. this team has quite a few fans here in Denmark. maybe partially because of Morten Andersen. just on the TATF you see a lot of us.

Me and my brother are getting pumped for tonights game, and i have a couple friends who are Falcons fans too. of the football fans i know in Denmark, the Falcons are the team with the most fans.

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