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Julio Isn't Done Yet.

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I think he has a big game as well. If you re-watched the game from last week Ryan took plenty of deep shots to Julio (and Roddy) that were on point, Sherman just put his hand in there and broke them up at the last second and made some great plays. I don't see any of SFs CBs being able to do that this week, and I think we'll have plenty of big plays tomorrow.

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Been thinking the same thing- a monster game from Julio would go a long ways to ensuring a Falcons victory.

Ryan took several shots downfield last week- if he hits them this week....

If he hits them this week we have this game on lock. Just imagine if we got more of those deep balls on Sherman. The 49ers secondary is not as good the SeaChickens I can tell you that.

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I thought Julio was going to abuse browner, funny how it ended up being sherman that got beat deep. i think we'll see a lot of screens tomorrow, not too many shots downfield. I think Koetter is going to focus on trying to confuse SF's D and keep them off balance more than just chucking it downfield a lot. we'll see though.

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