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Sure Do Wish Falco Was Here!

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See that was not so hard now was it.

Could be worse,, you could have a Son who is begging you every day to buy him

some old Fender practice amp..............Scheesh! Kid done lost his mind.

Yes, he is Fester Jr.

Meh. Nah. If he'd lost his mind he'd be asking you for some old Silvertone practice amp. tongue.png

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Yes, but way, way back at the dawn of rock n roll, having Silvertone equipment was about as bad as bringing an ugly fat girl to the prom for most musicians.

Yep... but dress up the frets, set the action and plug it in to a pair of JCM 50w Stacks,

and you took the slut to the Prom. (put out all night long)

That lipstick went to all the right places.

Folks,, I am not being Vulgar.

Te Silver Tone/Dan Electro Guitar and Case with Built in Amplifier had what

was called the Lip Stick Pick Up.

The Metal Casing for the pickup was from a lipstick manufacturer.

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