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It Ain't About Hate, Its' About Winning...

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Generally we equate hate with the need to defeat, or we use hate as a motivational tool. However, the objective is to be the last man standing at the end.

Personally, I embrace our competition for without them we would have no objective. Think for as moment the twisted pleasure we get from the Saints and our times we play them each year...so much emotion, so much thought, so much time enjoying the events leading up to game day...what we profess to hate, we really love.

So now we are in the Super Bowl hunt, with an opportunity just a sniff away to prove our pedigree and all we have to do is win two more games. However, the most important step is against the 49rs tomorrow. We love the opportunity to be able to play tomorrow, and relish the fact that at the end of the day we expect to be the last man standing...

We loved the Seahawks, we love the 49rs, and will love whomever we play in the Superbowl...as opposed to sitting at home loathing the fact that others with less talent are playing on.

The question then is not do we love them, but how much. My answer is thus...I love them to DEATH, at the talons of the Falcons.

Rise up!

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