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Short Yardage And Goal Line Rushing: Who Has The Edge?


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Michael Turner,Quizz and Frank Gore rank near the bottom in converting 3rd and 2 or less. I am surprised Gore is actually converting less % than both Turner and Quizz. Falcons defense is good in stopping on 3rd and short and should continue doing it. Matt Ryan is 1/1 in 3rd and 2 or less and CK is 1/2 on 3rd and 2 or less. Falcons have better chance of converting 3rd and 2 by passing than rushing.


Gore is clearly better here, in top 5 for TD % running ins the goal line situations(inside the 3 yard line). Turner ranks near the bottom. Falcons need to do better job in stopping Frank Gore in goal line stands and Turner and OL needs to do better.


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At 6'5", or what ever his height is, Kaepernick can just dive over the line. Just another option with Gore when SF is on the 1 or 2 yd line. Our best option against SF defensive line is a pass.

SF surprisingly don't use Keap inside the 5 yard line. Could change but not in the regular season.

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