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Potential Superbowl Scenarios For The Falcons

Flip Flop

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Talking about the way that the Falcons seem so adept at gut wrenching last minute wins made me wonder if the Superbowl will be the same thing. I am beginning to think that the Media is hoping for the wrong team. Im talking about the sensationalist perspective of the media here. They should want the Falcons.

If the AFC champion is the Ravens, then you have Flacco vs. Ryan and so many shorelines there: Rookie classmates, emerging to the top tier, Gonzolez vs. Ray Ray (GOAT TE vs GOAT LB), high powered offense vs perennial defense. This game has a good chance of ending in vintage Falcons form. A down to the wire slugfest with flashes of explosive big plays.

If the AFC champion is the Patriots, the you have Brady vs Ryan. You have the winningest QB in playoff history vs. the winningest young Quarterback in recent regular seasons. You have the NFL's historical basement dweller with one of the most storied dynasties in the league. You have Tony Gonzalez, the greatest tight end to play the game, vs. Gronk who looks to be the likely successor to the great tight end throne. This game promises to be a track meet. Both teams have powerful offenses and average defenses. Patriots vs. Falcons in the Superbowl could easily be the highest scoring Superbowl in history.

I know the Niners are no speed bump. That isnt the point of this thread. Just thinking a little daydreaming about what a Falcons Superbowl will be may be in order.

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