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Divisional Playoff Performance


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One thing I think people are forgetting is that Atlanta beat the Seahawks and didn't even play their best game while the Niners, at least offensively, played an all time. We almost blew a big time lead while the Niners cruised to the finish line. The defense played a terrible second half and are going back to work with a bad taste in their mouths and angry to fix it. The Niners are going back to the film happy with an all time type performance. Not saying they are content, but they have more good film than we do from their game.

What his also means is that both teams are going to come back to the mean. Our defense isn't going to play that bad back to back and the Niners offense isn't going to put up an all time performance again through their QB. It's going to be interesting to see who was further from the norm in their divisional performance and how that impacts this game.

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