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Mayor Puts Up Falcons Flag In Seattle

Guest Negatorris

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If San Francisco wins, Atlanta's mayor has to a hot pink tank top and short shorts emblazoned with the 49ers logo for the next week and may only use roller blades for transporation.

If Atlanta wins, Mayor Lee will have to wear jeans and an Atlanta Jersey 10 sizes too big for him with an Atlanta hat turned sideways and talk like Boomhower from King of the Hill for the next week.

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Gotta give Seattle props.

I had more fun talking with them last week, not this Michael Vick upgraded; faster/strong/bigger/better Kraeperdink talk as though Atlanta has 'never' faced or has 'any' idea of how to even win such a matchup.

Atlanta might let him get SOME, but the Falcons aren't going to let misguided heroism get them to play undisciplined. Gap integrity, group/swarming to the ball once anyone gets past the LOS, force them to pass more than they want. Both teams are hard to beat, yet Atlanta has only lost once to a read-option type offense this year. AND last season Cam Newton failed to win in either game vs. Atlanta.

As long as the Falcons offense gets theirs, Atlanta wins.

When SF loses they pass the ball 60% and run it 40%. Get them out of their element by coming out and winning that first half, and they are not the same sort of team at coming back like Seattle.

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