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Referee For Nfcc Game Sunday


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Terry McAuley He officiated the game against Oakland earlier this year. In that game Oakland had 12 penalties for 110 yards and Atlanta had 2 penalties for 25 yards.

Here you can find penalty and games covered information on him

Here is a breakdown by penalties called

Looks like he has called a lot of unnecessary roughness and pass interference penalties.

Extra information:

Terry McAulay is an American football official in the National Football League (NFL) since 1998. Since joining the NFL, McAulay has officiated Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, two conference championship games, one divisional game, and one wildcard game. McAulay began his career in the NFL at the side judge position, but was promoted to referee starting with the 2001 NFL season. He wears the uniform number 77.

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Looking at his stats for penalties:

Tied or holds most calls among Officials for:

2nd Offsides

5th Pass Interference

4th Roughing the Passer

8th Unnecessary Roughness

3rd Unsportsmanlike Conduct

2nd Illegal Formation

4th Facemask

12th False Start

4th Holding

4th Illegal Block

3rd Illegal Contact

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It would be nice to see some holds called. I'm not one to complain about the referees very much, but I don't remember a single holding called on either offensive line on Sunday. To me, that is impossible...

If holding isn't called on Sunday, it will be very hard to contain CK.

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As long as Ed Hochuli isn't anywhere near the field, I am happy. Referee trying to be a celebrity, and make the game about him is what I think of him. He probably isn't really that bad, but that is what I think of him.

Also, why have crews work together all year, and I assume for years possibly, then break them up for the Playoffs? I would think that guys are more comfortable working with the same people as always. Haven't seen any real issues, but just does not make sense to me.

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Well if we win this game we should be in good hands when we get to the Bowl. Jerome Boger will be calling that game. Atlanta native. High School QB for Douglass High. College QB at Morehouse. Big time Falcon fan. biggrin.png

But he's terrible at game calling.

I will always hate him for the "muffed punt" call in Philadelphia in '08.

Cost us a chance at that game.

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