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Flacco Vs. Ryan - The Battle Of 2008


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Are we getting ready to see a battle of the 2008 rookie QB class in the Superbowl?

Ryan has the regular season stats lead right now in yards, TD's, rating but Flacco has 7 times as many playoff wins.

If they meet in the Superbowl, will they sense a rivalry between them individually? Would Flacco be more motivated since his contract is up?

Or, if one of the two gets beat in the championship game and the other makes it to the Superbowl, will the loser be looked down as the 2nd best of the 2008 class?

If they both lose in the championship game, will either one be looked at differently?

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In the back of my mind I want this matchup. I used to dislike Flacco early on just because he was always compared to Ryan, even though he was statistically inferior, but I've grown to like the guy and I root for him from time to time now.

I wouldn't be mad at a Falcons-Patriots Superbowl though either. Brady has always been one of my favorite quarterbacks and it would be cool to see Ryan beat his idol.

At the end of the day I don't care who we play though, I just want us to make it to that game and win it.

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