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The Difference


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It's Wednesday. That means we're getting closer and closer to Sunday. (I know. This is obvious.) But it also means that we're on the down swing of the predictions and analysis that inform our expectations about the game Sunday. As this happens, one thing is apparent: the people that actually believe in our chances are fewer and farther between.

On one hand, this is very similar to what has been a theme for the season: it started in the preseason when few people really expected us to, we were counted as fraudulent through much of our undefeated streak, there were many opponents who were supposed to expose or defeat us, and once we got to the playoffs, we were supposed to be eliminated quickly. In spite of all of this, here we stand again. And in the absence of any other game happening in the conference this week, the attention being given to us is magnified.

So we are at this familiar place with a lot on the line, a lot of people watching, and few people thinking we can win. While in years past it's happened in earlier points in the season (and postseason), we're here again. But this year, there's a marked difference between this team and the teams of previous years. In the words of vel, "these ain't your daddy's falcons." This starts with the most important changes we made at the beginning of the season: the coordinators. While Koetter has not necessarily implemented any radical changes to the playbook (yet), he and Nolan have designed and called plays that allowed the players to be comfortable, have success, and become more confident in the talent on our squad. As a result, we don't have the crippling fear that may have haunted us in the previous years. This, I believe, is what Roddy was talking about earlier when he said that we're no longer afraid to play anyone. So while there may be no one who has believed in us in previous years, this year it does not matter, because the coaches, players and fans all believe in ourselves. In the words of Black Ice the Mattural: "We're all we got and we're all we &@!*!*## need."

and you better not bleep that out.

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