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In sundays matchup we NEED to see a clean called fight... On offense we know how the 9ers Defense makes there money in the league. If the guy looks like he's mugging our receivers it must be called. l believe in letting em play but you can't be getting to us early and making contact with us after 5 yards down field. THIS MUST BE CALLED!

Another thing is we can't afford them getting away with holding. Last week vs seattle we were being held horribly by there o-line. l know it's playoffs and it goes both ways but when seattle made there great comeback last week they held the **** out of 96massi with 9:50 sec in the 4th quarter. Russell dumped it off to turbin and got it inside the 5 setting up a 6 point differential.

l just want a FAIR game on both sides win or lose. Let the best team win, not who the refs help win.

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