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Consensus: Falcons Can’T Beat 49Ers / Brent Jones Says The 49Ers Will Eat The Falcons Alive

Red Rain

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Found this on the "Santa Rosa Press Democrat" newspaper site. It pretty much sums up how the outside world is looking down at us.

Consensus: Falcons can't beat 49ers

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Grant Cohn

Yesterday the 49ers were three-point favorites to beat the Falcons. Today, the 49ers are four-point favorites. Take away the three-point home field advantage, and the odds makers are saying the 49ers are a touchdown and an extra point better than the Falcons.

The consensus around the league is the 49ers will go right into Atlanta and beat the Falcons rather easily.

That's a tremendous slap in the face to the No.1 seed, a team that's only lost two meaningful games all season, a team with excellent players and coordinators.

As an intellectual exercise, can you come up with a scenario where the Falcons win this game?

Or are they hopeless?

Brent Jones says the 49ers will eat the Falcons alive

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Grant Cohn

Brent Jones spoke on KNBR Monday afternoon. This is what he said about the 49ers’ upcoming matchup against the Falcons.

Q: Are you worried about the Falcons?

BRENT JONES: “I am feeling very confident. The Falcons are paper falcons. Let’s call them that. I think physically, the 49ers are going to intimidate. I don’t think it’s going to be close in the physical matchup.

“I think as far as mental toughness, they’re not there. They’re not at the same level as the 49ers. They’re mentally weaker. They tried like heck to give that game (against the Seahawks) away. The Seahawks drove the ball up and down the field on those guys and should have hammered them. I don’t think the Falcons are going to be able to handle the 49ers’ swagger, the attack. I just think physically they’re not there.

“Now, I will say this about their offense. Matt Ryan – I cannot believe he made that throw, up by a couple of touchdowns into double coverage (for an interception). What was he thinking? Your whole career to this point has been defined by not being able to make that smart decision when you have to, or not being able to win it – Tony Romo-esque. And then Ryan makes that throw and I’m like, are you kidding me? Come on! Man, they tried to lose it.

“People are saying this win will give the Falcons confidence and they’re off the schneid – no it didn’t. The 49ers are going to come in and eat them alive in my opinion.

“Now, crowd noise, Julio Jones, Roddy White – those guys are legit. You’re going to have to stop Michael Turner. He looks better than he has in a while I though. I saw him running a little bit more downhill than I’ve seen him.

“But I’ll bet on our defense. I think our defense played well against the Packers.

“I think the 49ers would trade the home game with Seattle to go play Atlanta. I think that they think they’re going to match up much better with Atlanta. The Seattle game would have been a slugfest. I know it would have been at home, but that’s a crapshoot.

“This one – money in the bank. Locking it up on Monday.”

Q: Straight up or will you give the four-and-a-half points?

BRENT JONES: “I’ll give eight points. The momentum is there. They are playing with an intensity that I haven’t seen. We saw it for most of the Patriots game, and then we didn’t see it. The Seahawks game it wasn’t there. The Cardinals game it wasn’t there. That’s what I was waiting to see. The week off obviously served us well. It’s go time.”

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Trent Dilfer called us "Paper Mache Champions" on the radio yesterday.

I've seen it bad before, but never this bad, Even people that have been high on us, are turning because of peer pressure.

It's really a spectacle.

That's weird, he was complementing the Falcons big time on Sunday.

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Guest Negatorris

Again, the Seahawks are more physical than the Niners. They proved that 3 weeks ago. I don't see the fascination with the Niners right now. Even though they beat the Packers by two possessions, their defense didn't really stop Aaron Rodgers. They got a few lucky breaks. This is going to absolutely crush all of the doubters when we win, and when we do I bet they won't even call it an upset.

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That's weird, he was complementing the Falcons big time on Sunday.

Not surprising to me. He is a resident of San Fran and openly roots for the SF Giants during baseball season. I personally enjoy all of the "hate". I also think the game against the Seahawks, and the way they came back will only prepare this team more for the 9ers.

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Who is Brent Jones?? Never heard of him...

Brent Michael Jones (born February 12, 1963 in Santa Clara, California) is a former American Football tight end who played almost his entire career with the San Francisco 49ers from 1987 to 1997. He was selected in the 5th round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1986 NFL Draft. Jones won 3 Super Bowl rings with the 49ers and was three times named All-Pro (1992–1994) and is a four-time Pro Bowler (1992–95). He finished his 11 NFL seasons with 417 receptions for 5,195 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Shortly after his playing career ended, Jones became an analyst for The NFL Today. Jones worked for the NFL on CBS from 1998–2004. Jones decided to leave CBS Sports prior to the 2005 season in order to focus on his business in California, Northgate Capital [1], which he founded with former teammates Mark Harris and Tommy Vardell.[1] Jones is a former member of the board of directors for San Jose Sports & Entertainment Enterprises, which owns the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League.[2]

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That's the weird thing. This game is not a bad matchup for the Falcons. I don't understand why people think it is.

Because it is a bad matchup for the Falcons. The 49ers beat every team they've played that are built like the Falcons. Seattle is a bad matchup for the Niners, the Niners struggle against teams with great d-lines and a power run game on offense. Just because I think this is a better matchup for the Niners doesn't mean I don't think the Falcons can't win, you guys aren't here for no reason.

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