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Mock Mock Mockin It Down, Oh So Gently. New Mock


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No we're not spinning the black circle but we're about to take another spin around draftville now that all the declarations are in we know who is returning and who is leaving.

1st Round 32nd Overall Pick- Trade!

Trade our 2013 First, Fourth and 2014 2nd Round both of the Bengals 2nd Round Picks (#37 and #53)

So here's what our picks will be

2nd Round-#37

2nd Round-#53

2nd Round-#62

3rd Round-#94

4th Round-Comp

5th Round-#158

6th Round-#190

7th Round-#222

2nd Round-#37 Overall. Larry Warford, G, Kentucky. 6'3 340 LBs- Warford is a physical specimen, he moves extremely well for a 340 LBer and is a very sound pass and run blocker. His technique in drive blocking could use some improvement and he needs to drop 5-10 LBs to stay fresh throughout the entire course of the game but he is a large physical mauler with All-Pro Potential.

2nd Round-#53 Overall. Stedman Bailey, WR, 5'10 187 LBs- Bailey is an solid WR from West Virginia in terms of being a pure WR Bailey is probably the best in the class as he runs smooth routes with subtle and sudden cuts and has great body control and catches well with strong hands. Bailey also has good speed and quickness and has great strength.

2nd Round #62 Overall. Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, DE, 6'5 265 LBs- Carradine was one of the most dominating DEs in college football before tearing his ACL and that was after being a back up to Brandon Jenkins for most of the year. Carradine was a back up for the majority of his career so his knee probably isn't as jacked up as a regular college starter

3rd Round #94 Overall. Joseph Fauria, TE, 6'7 255 LBs.

4th Round Comp, Zac Stacey, RB, 5'8 215 LBs

5th Round, 158th Overall, Kwame Geathers, NT, 6'6 355 LBs

6th Round, 190th Overall, Duke Williams, SAF, 6'1 200 LBs

7th Round, 222nd Overall, Shaq Wilson, LB, 5'11 244 LBs.

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Guest Negatorris

Stedman Bailey is a really good receiver. He isn't a super athletic freak similar to someone like Julio or Megatron, but he is very sound in his technique and has excellent hands. He'll make a good NFL receiver. He can make all the catches. I'd lie if I said he wouldn't be an upgrade over HD.

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