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Replay Gb Vs. Sf.

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So far watching this on NFL Network makes me feel a lot better. The muffed punt and Aaron Rogers INT back to back TO's changed the game. Also Kaepernic seems to stare down his targets which consist mostly of Crabtree. If we don't make mistakes I think we win.

As I watched the first half of this game and I see the SF running backs getting nothing done and I see how inconsistently Kaepernick is throwing the ball, I get a warmth about me and I know we are going to win this game.

Green Bay came into this game with a really bad game plan and they made a ton of stupid mistakes.

I don't think either of those things are going to be true of the Falcons Sunday

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Guest Negatorris

Greenbay didnt look that great when they played Minnesota with a backup QB....

Wasnt suprised at all when the 49ers embarrased them...

This will be a cake walk for Atlanta

Not gonna be a cake walk, but there is no doubt that we can beat them. Their secondary can be had, and Kaepernick can be forced into mistakes.

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Considering that the 9ers' don't have elite WRs, it should be MUCH safer to bracket Vernon Davis and help CB against Crabapple, and zone it making sure Kaep wont take off.

Possibly, but Seattle didn't have elite receivers, either.

BTW Crabtree has been putting up some great numbers since Kaep took over:

Since Kaepernick became the starter in Week 11, Michael Crabtree ranks fifth in the league with 50 catches, fourth with 714 receiving yards and is tied for second with seven touchdowns. In the first 10 weeks of the season, Crabtree was tied for 41st in the league with just 59 targets.

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