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Paper Falcons?

Captain Falcon

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Ever since someone (I think Mike Greenberg) used it a week ago, I keep hearing this phrase used. People are calling us "the paper Falcons" as in we're talented on paper, but don't produce. And apparently this is why the 49ers will beat us. How are we "good on paper" when we have more wins than the 49ers who are supposed to be the "most talented team in the league"? They are the talented team that is underachieving; not us.

The 49ers have easily the most amount of pro bowlers and are considered the most talented team in football and go 11-4-1. The Falcons are considered mediocre according to the media and only have 3 pro bowlers, and yet go 13-3.

It is the 49ers that look good on paper. The Falcons are the team that produces wins.

Am I not correct?

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Guest Negatorris

They said that before we beat their media darling Seahawks. They were doing nothing but calling the Seahags the best team in the NFL, but after we beat em they pass over the Falcons and talk about another team as the best. They claim they don't respect us because we haven't won in the post season, and then we beat the 'hottest team in the league' and the disrespect doesn't stop. They'll make excuses for the Niners if we beat em, and will continue to doubt this team all the way to the Superbowl. They don't want to see ATL with the Lombardi.

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