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I Do Not Antagonize My Husband


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Sometime in the middle of the night last night - a Falcons blanket was tacked up over the Jerry Rice fathead that hangs in the allotted corner of my TV room.

All I heard this morning when Nito got up was WHAT THE H....???!!!!

I think it was ninjas and I told him so! ph34r.png

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I'm phoning jerry right now... this is outrageous...

but I think your hubby will not suffer any long term side effects from this trauma...

...you might want to hide that justin beiber poster on your side though..tongue.png

Are you calling Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez Justin Beiber??????

Have you lost your ever lovin' mind????!!!!!


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My brother is a HUGE niner fan and crap-talked me for close to an hour after we beat seattle. Tried to get me to bet him $500 on the game. I told him I'd let him keep his money so that if he wanted he could join me in New Orleans celebrating my birthday on February 3rd.

That fool had the nerve to say we hadn't played anyone this year! I almost hung up in his face.

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Tandy I was wondering how you guys were gonna deal with the conflict. The way I see it he's a Falcon fan too. He can't lose.

Yep. I'm waiting to see how he dresses for the game Sunday. I have his Kroy Biermann jersey and Division Champion cap all ready for him.

Don't know what happened to the Jerry Rice jersey - must be packed away ph34r.png

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