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Key To Winning This Game

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turnovers..... if you guys look at their past few games they dont get rolling until they get turnovers or 3rd Q. against the packers they get a gift on the 10 yard line,, that game couldve easily been 21-7 or 21-10 at half.. against the cards in week 17 it was 7-6 half, against the seahawks it was 28-7 sea at half. and when i watched the game against the Pats it was because the 3 turnovers by the pats that propelled them to 17 by halftime.... Matt has to protect the ball.. he has to quiet the crowd, get his audibles right and execute...

here is a stat that people are over looking also and i thought id help with debate you might have with sports talk radio or some bum fan.... the redskins were 5th against the run... Sea put up 244 rushing yards against them.. against us the 21st ranked d they only had 122...

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The other way to win this game is to look at how Seattle won in Seattle: 12th man. We fans need to show up and be loud. Colin is still a rookie, and he was rattled in that Seattle game. We need him to get hit big when he leaves the pocket once, and get in the way of his line calls.

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