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Can the Falcon beat the 49ers?

To further back my statement just by observation since The Falcon haven't the 49ers yet look at the then just to get an idea what the possible turnout could be in the NFC championship game next week?

Rams vs 49ers 24 -24 tie with both teams playing at their very best. "Rams defense is a little better than Falcons" so putting Falcon defense versus the 49ers would leave Falcons 21- 49ers 24 "do you get it?"

Now lets add game 1 to 49ers vs Rams game 2. 16 - 13 "Ram win "Rams defense beats 49ers offense"

Falcons offense is better than Rams defense, Rams defense is only a field goal difference better then Falcon defense, Falcons offense is at least 14 points better than Rams offense on their best day do to a good Rams defense versus Falcons better offense. 49ers failed to keep up with Rams offense do to good Rams defense. Falcons defense is not far from Rams defense on a good day.

"eliminate 14 points from 21 in football terms it leaves you with 7 points on the board for the Falcons"

add 14 point in football terms to the Rams 16 points on the board and it puts you at 30 points on the board for the Falcon now.

Now add 7 points to the 13 points by the 49ers in football this is 20 point on the board for the 49ers.

"the 49ers offense is at least seven points better than the Rams offense "This was already proven" 24 - 24 tie 16 - 13 loss for the 49ers

Scientifically added up by football terms math by statics and my own observation

San Francisco 49ers (20) @ Atlanta Falcons (30)

Falcons win!

I did this same observation with the SeaHawks vs Falcons game and score and observations where totally and dead on with score! "BAR NONE""



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