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Falcons Fever Spreads Across Atlanta

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Sorry, If it already posted.

Go to this link to play the video:



Falcons fever is getting a grip on Atlanta residents. FOX 5 found everything from Dirty Bird cupcakes to Falcons haircuts as businessesicon1.png and fans embrace the team's push toward the Super Bowl.

Everywhere you turn, there are signs of the Falcons frenzy.

At Pure Essence Barbers in downtown Atlanta, autographed Falcons memorabilia lined the wall as some diehard fans got the team's logo cut into their hair. Self-proclaimed celebrity barber Hair-Kut said he was planning for a Falcons Super Bowl.

"I'm booking my room tomorrow in New Orleans because we will be in New Orleans," said Hair Kut.

Over at Gigi's Cupcakes in Buckhead, owner Sarah Bonner said the Dirty Bird cupcake is in high demand, but that's not the only Falcons-themed treat. Bonner said her personal favorite cupcake features the name of frequent customer and Falcons star Tony Gonzalez.

"It's very excitingicon1.png when he comes in, so we love Tony," said Bonner.

The Dirty Bird colada is gaining popularity at Stats near the Georgia Dome.

Employees at nearby Max's Pizzeria were preparing for expected big crowds for Sunday's game.

Stores said they anticipate the Falcons fever to spread even more as the NFC Championship Game against San Francisco gets closer. Tickets for that game went on sale on Monday. As of 9 p.m.. only a limited number of single-seat tickets remained.

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Guest Negatorris

Dam Bandwagon fanslaugh.png


Lol, they ignore the team when they're not doing well. A bunch of people I went to school with in ATL were suddenly rooting for the Falcons on Sunday. Never saw them do it before. But it's whatever, because it's more common than you think. Happens with every team. Just wait until we win the Superbowl, we'll get a lot more fans who weren't Falcons fans before.

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