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How Do You Think We Match Up To The 49Ers At Each Position?


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NOT PREDICTING A BLOW-OUT BUT I WILL GIVE YOU MY OBSERVATION ABOUT 9ERS VS. FALCONS.. This is something a lot of people on this board is not noticing though...

Now I'm actually an NFL fan at the moment and I've never had a favorite NFL team but I am from Atlanta

so I do know much about the Falcons, I live in Ohio now, so take this honest observation from an outside of the Falcon fanbase and you'll see the BIG PICTURE MORE CLEAR!

Now Falcon will not blow out the 49ers as it seems obvious BUT the Falcon at their FULL potential "the first two quarters against the Seahawks" won't get blown neither!

Now as I'm doing my observations the 49ers look scary right? lets see if they're really scary...

First, CK#7 was just put in at qb later in the season and though surprising many teams defenses at that moment so it makes the kid look totally unstoppable but as the season progresses better defenses catch on! In my opinion the St. Louis Rams have somewhat of a better defense the Atlanta Falcons "by a little"

and that little comes from that fact that the Rams defense seems more consistant than the Falcons. But the Falcons OFFENSE is better than the Rams defense. So, going by the 49ers offense couldn't even get the job done at all against the Rams defense enough to defeat them, the it makes one wonder what would happen if the Falcons whom offense is even better than the Rams defense whom falcons defense isn't even too far from being just as good as the Ram Defense???? "Think about it"

I know regular seasons don't count when it comes to playoffs but the Atlanta Falcon receive so much hate just because of the regular season and past playoff failures lets use the regular season for a measuring stick then?

The 49ers VERY IMPRESSIVE win over the Patriots ON THE ROAD was huge and it sends a VERY strong message to teams like the Falcons but lets be real folks, The Patriots threw their game away that night! Something the falcons defense tried to do for the Seahawks even though the Falcons proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Seahawks in the same sentence as the Falcons the first two quarters "but that's another story" San Fran "really" doesn't belong in the same sentence with Patriots "Patriots on a good day" We all know Patriots on good would have embarrassed the 49ers! Instead the Patriots embarrassed themselves by throwing the game away early with mistake and uncharacteristic turnovers just to comeback in the game too late.

The Atlanta Falcons on a good day "with no turnovers" have a better chance against the 49ers versus each other than the 49ers have "on a good against the Falcons"

A VERY POPULAR SAYING: Note this btw, because you're about to get the entire point I'm trying to make "A great offense can beat a great defense any day"

Earlier I stated the Rams defense being a little better than the Falcons defense "only because of consistancy" but the Flacons offense is way much more better than their defense "bar none!"

Rams defeat 49ers with only defense alone "in the last game they met" Rams offense is no where near falcons offense.... Falcons defense is not too far from being as good as Rams defense "if they eliminate missed tackles." Falcons great offense "better than rams good defense that the 49ers couldn't over come" vs. 49ers defense "that Rams offense no where near Falcons offense kept up with 49ers offenses in both games they met"

Falcons vs. Rams would have swept the this if the played in the NFC west!

49ers couldn't beat em' bar none.


Atlanta comes out on top talent wise... Atlanta has never been blown out this season the 49ers have.

Falcons have a defense that has proven good enough not to get blown out. 49ers defense proved they could be blown out!


This is my very own observation of the Atlanta Falcon vs, the San Francisco 49ers

By observation Falcons win this game..

To further back my statement just by observation since The Falcon haven't the 49ers yet look at the then just to get

an idea what the possible turnout could be in the NFC championship game next week?

Rams vs 49ers 24 -24 tie with both teams playing at their very best. "Rams defense is a little better than Falcons" so putting Falcon defense versus the 49ers would leave Falcons 21- 49ers 24 "do you get it?"

Now lets add game 1 to 49ers vs Rams game 2. 16 - 13 "Ram win "Rams defense beats 49ers offense"

Falcons offense is better than Rams defense, Rams defense is only a field goal difference better then Falcon defense, Falcons offense is at least 14 points better than Rams offense on their best day do to a good Rams defense versus Falcons better offense. 49ers failed to keep up with Rams offense do to good Rams defense. Falcons defense is not far from Rams defense on a good day.

"eliminate 14 points from 21 in football terms it leaves you with 7 points on the board for the Falcons"

add 14 point in football terms to the Rams 16 points on the board and it puts you at 30 points on the board for the Falcon now.

Now add 7 points to the 13 points by the 49ers in football this is 20 point on the board for the 49ers.

"the 49ers offense is at least seven points better than the Rams offense "This was already proven" 24 - 24 tie 16 - 13 loss for the 49ers

Scientifically added up by football terms math by statics and my own observation

San Francisco 49ers (20) @ Atlanta Falcons (30)

Falcons win!

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