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Game Will Be Won Or Lost In The Trenches

Guest Negatorris

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Guest Negatorris

If the OL gives Ryan time he should be able to find open receivers. SF has a good secondary, but they are not on the level of SEA's secondary. I don't see them winning one on one matchups with Julio or Roddy. Quizz may also play a factor in the passing game if SF sells out on stopping our receivers leaving the middle of the field wide open. Ryan could find him on the dumpoff and he could pick up decent yardage.

If the OL can control the line of scrimmage and open up holes for Turner and Quizz, we will be able to simply have more all around success. This is not a defense we can get one dimensional against, because that's exactly what they want.

If the DL can stay disciplined and get pressure on Kaepernick we should be able to have success at stalling their offense. When I was watching SF's losses, the opposing team's DLinemen were not backing down at all. The DTs will need to clamp down on the power runs up the middle and force SF into 3rd and longs. Make Kaepernick feel uneasy and he won't have a good game. He is not as poised as Russel Wilson. When he is uncomfortable he isn't accurate. The Rams, and Seahawks did a great job of making him try to avoid the rush. His throws were hardly on target. This could also be amplified by our home crowd.

Also, the tackling needs to be perfect. Wrap up, and stop trying to hit. On Sunday, the tackling was incredibly pathetic by the secondary and LBs. I remember on that play where Lynch caught a dumpoff that got them to our 4 yard line towards the end of the game, William Moore had position to run at him and at least get him out of bounds earlier, but instead Moore ran with Lynch until he tripped over Dunta and ran out of bounds. I don't know if they thought the game was over after the 1st half, but the defense looked uninspired and seemed like they didn't care when the Seahawks were just scoring... and scoring, and scoring again. They were lucky the offense bailed their sorry azzes out. The crowd was deflated by the play of the defense in the 2nd half, and I hope all of the defensive players see the fans disappointment in their performance.

Ya'll really gonna let a rookie own you like that D-Block? I hope it was embarrassing for you. Step it up cause that BS isn't gonna fly if we're gonna win a Superbowl. Defense wins championships and we can't win one with you giving up 28 points in one half of football.

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Although, from what it looked like, a lot of the time the Ends were playing a strict contain outside and the DTs weren't shooting gaps too aggressively., keeping the pocket managed and Wilson in it.

Do that with Kap and he'll not make the throws Wilson made, but if he breaks contain... well, say hello to 100+ rushing yards from him.

Couple that with a very banged up LT and I think we'll be ok.

If our O line can stand up to the front 7 like they did against the Hawks.. I expect us to win this battle.

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Agreed, tackling has to be a lot better..

I'm kind of nervous for this game, because Kaepernick showed vs. the Packers, that he can get i done by throwing the football as well. He put some throws in some tight windows vs. cover 1 and 3 coverage (as seen here http://www.nationalf...he-Packers.html), so we will have to be able to figure out a way to stop the big passing plays, while also controlling the damage he can do on the ground..

Crabtree has really stepped up this season, and is a beast after the catch.. We might need to put Dunta on him as much as possible, because he has the size to take him to the ground.. But Dunta might also be needed when taking on the 49ers' TEs over the middle, and the 49'ers love to use two TE formations.. That enables them to get the run game going, but they also throw deep to their TEs relatively often, so their two TE formations will be hard to stop.. The LBs are going to have to protect the middle of the field very well on passing plays.

I think that our gameplan vs. the Seahawks was pretty good. It was clear that we were doing what we could to limit Lynch and Wilson on the ground.. The problems started in the second half, when seahawks started to put more recieving threats on the field, while we were still rushing 4 and keeping LBs on the field to try and stop an eventual running play from either Wilson or Lynch.. The many recieving threats were tough to cover with a pretty soft scheme, as Wilson was buying time in the pocket.. Because our gameplan vs. the 49ers could look a bit like the one vs the Seahawks, I think that the 49ers will try to put a bit more recieving threats on the field than usually, and then maybe try to disguise it by putting in the two TE sets, and send them deep a couple of times.. Trying to catch us off guard like that.

IMO, the thing that distinguishes Kaepernick from Wilson, is that while both of them are mobile and running QBs, Wilson is much more of a "buying time by scrambling in the pocket QB", while Kaepernick is more of a regular running QB.. Kaepernick doesn't keep his eyes down the field as much as Wilson, and he is quicker to take off and run.. I have no idea how to stop that effectively, but i trust Nolan to come up with something that at least can slow him down a bit. The thing we need to do on defense though, is force Kaepernick into mistakes, and then in turn score points off of those mistakes. The way I see it, Kaepernick is also trusted with running a bit of regular west coast offense mixed into the 49er gameplans. That may be just the time for an exotic defensive look, that may force a turnover from him..

It's going to be a tough game, but I can't wait to see my birds fight for a super bowl appearance!! RISE UP FALCONS! :D.. CANT WAIT FOR SUNDAY!

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Can the Falcon beat the 49ers?

To further back my statement just by observation since The Falcon haven't the 49ers yet look at the then just to get an idea what the possible turnout could be in the NFC championship

game next week?

Rams vs 49ers 24 -24 tie with both teams playing at their very best. "Rams defense is a little better than Falcons" so putting Falcon defense versus the 49ers would leave Falcons 21- 49ers 24 "do you get it?"

Now lets add game 1 to 49ers vs Rams game 2. 16 - 13 "Ram win "Rams defense beats 49ers offense"

Falcons offense is better than Rams defense, Rams defense is only a field goal difference better then Falcon defense, Falcons offense is at least 14 points better than Rams offense on their best day do to a good Rams defense versus Falcons better offense. 49ers failed to keep up with Rams offense do to good Rams defense. Falcons defense is not far from Rams defense on a good day.

"eliminate 14 points from 21 in football terms it leaves you with 7 points on the board for the Falcons"

add 14 point in football terms to the Rams 16 points on the board and it puts you at 30 points on the board for the Falcon now.

Now add 7 points to the 13 points by the 49ers in football this is 20 point on the board for the 49ers.

"the 49ers offense is at least seven points better than the Rams offense "This was already proven" 24 - 24 tie 16 - 13 loss for the 49ers

Scientifically added up by football terms math by statics and my own observation

San Francisco 49ers (20) @ Atlanta Falcons (30)

Falcons win!

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