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Our Offensive Gameplan Was Phenomenal

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And the only reason it came as close as it did was - imho - adjustments. Not in the way you might think, though. In the first half, we relied on the run game, along with play action and taking deep shots, all stretching open the field to get the cornerbacks to play off. What I really admire about Koetter is that, afterwards, coming into the 2nd half, he obviously tried to take a more screen oriented approach, anticipating the opponents adjustments, which would likely be to a) blitz Ryan more, since he'd been shredding them beforehand without much pressure, B) play farther back instead of playing press coverage on receivers, since we'd already taken deep shots, and c) crowd the box a bit more to stop the run. The gameplan was, in essence, a great one. And we did still put up 30 points on the Hawks #1 scoring D - more than the 49ers did in both their games combined, almost three times as much as the Packers, and a touchdown more than the Patriots. The biggest problem was that while we anticipated change from the Seahawks, they stubbornly stuck with their defensive gameplan, the one that worked against us in the second half. It was, ironically, the right decision, whether by design or by sheer luck.

Either way, very confident in Koetter next week. The 49ers make adjustments, unlike the Seahawks, and we should be able to victimize them because of his one-step-ahead thinking. I honestly think his gameplan was rock solid, if only they had adjusted...but they didn't. And that might have been on purpose, thinking Koetter would go back to the screens and so-such, but I feel like it was more a lack of planning on the coach's part, and it just happened to work in their favor.

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