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Who Can Make A Play?


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Geez, I think the Seahawks comeback made a lot of people forget all of the good things from the game yesterday.

I saw a segment from Trent Dilfer, who I thought made a very astute observation about the Falcons. He said they made the hard plays yesterday, and that's something they didn't do in the playoffs before. He said they always made the standard plays but never the hard plays.

Man, he was so right. So here is my thank you to all of those who made a big play to help the Falcons win yesterday.

Who can make a play?!!

Sean Weatherspoon can make a play, tomahawk chopping the ball away from beast mode.

Roddy White can make a play, with a critical diving catch on 3rd and 14 in Seahawks territory.

Chase Coffman can make a play, with a beautiful toe tap on a back shoulder fade for a 1st and goal.

Tony G can make a play, getting his feet down in the back of the end zone on a back shoulder fade.

William Moore can make a play, stuffing the Seahawks on 4th down for no gain.

Jacquizz can make a play, trucking Earl Thomas like Earl was a little girl, and picking up 45.

Michael Turner can make a play, running through weak azz arm tackles for 33 yards.

Roddy White can make another play, beating the best corner in the game on bomb.

Jonathan Babineaux can make a play, dragging down Wilson from behind and leaving Seattle with zilch at half time.

Thomas DeCoud can make a play, breaking up a deep post that looked wide open.

Jason Snelling can make a play, powering in a critical 3rd Quarter TD on a shovel pass.

Matt Ryan can make a play, throwing two strikes when the Falcons had to have it.

Harry Douglas can make a play, holding on to a ball when a much bigger man drilled him in the back.

Jacquizz can make another play, with a crucial blitz pick up on the Falcons last offensive play.

Tony can make a play, finding a soft spot in the zone to set the Falcons up for the game winner.

Matt Bryan can make a play, because all that guy does is drill money shots right down the middle.

Julio Jones can make a play, skying to intercept the hail mary in a most decisive way.

If people want to dwell on the defensive let down yesterday, so be it, people can do whatever they want. But the Falcons beat the hottest team in the league, to the victor go the spoils, so I am going to enjoy it and focus on some of the great things the Falcons did right yesterday.

Like win the game.

Oh and let me know if I forgot some "Who can make a play" moments.

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I'll tell you one thing that has kind of cracked me up. This notion that I've seen and heard in the media that the Seahawks "screwed up" at the end of the first half.

They didn't "screw up". Jonahthan Babineaux screwed them up. He took Wilson down from behind so quickly that he didn't know what hit him. Absolutely nothing they could have done differently.

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