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Falcons In Trouble ?


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F. U. Clark Judge, Why is this d-bag spewing so much hate against us??

Is it because we shredded his prediction? Did someone in our locker

room kick him in the nuts before ? What is it.

Seriously an article can have 2 sides or be designed to stir a little chit up

but this is just hack journalism, the guy should be ashamed by putting out

crap like this. Of course he has no shame , he's a hack.


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I think 28 other teams would like to be in the same trouble.

Agreed, but this is way over the top...a 16 yr old would write crap like this on facebook. This

guy is supposed to be a professional sports journalist. Really ? I'll wait for his article next

mon after we send the 9ers home and we advance to the BIG SHOW.

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