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Predict The Number Of Times Kaepernick Will Kiss His Biceps Against Atlanta

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Niner fan here...not gonna make any predictions....just want to explain why he does it. Some peeps see it as kinda a a-holish kinda thing, but there is a reason for it.

When he first became a starter, there was an idiot writer who wrote this article about Kaeps tatoos. Essentially he said that prison populations much love Kaep because he has all the tats. It was pretty frickin' insulting. The guy never bothered to realize that all of his tatoos are quotes from the bible. (I'm not religious, but I got no issue with peoples religious views).

The week after that article came out and started something of a firestorm, Kaep scored on a 50 yard run against the 'Phins. He wasn't "kissing his bicep", he's actually kissing the Tatoo.

Essentially...an "F-You" to that writer and his critics. Since then it has kinda taken on a life of its own.

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Hey Marvin 49!! Welcome to the boards and thanks for jumping in. Question ... Are you actually saying Kaep is kinda like a western version of Tim Tebow?

LOL. Uh....kinda? FAR more talent, but nowhere near the hype. I doubt he's as "pure". LOL!!

I think my main point is that peeps who think he's some punk because if the the Tats is WAY, WAY missing the boat. Great kid from a good family. He didn't get kicked out of school for stealing a laptop like some other peeps we know...cough...Newton...cough.

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