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I Have One Ticket For Sale....maybe

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

ok so I bought a ticket for a member on here. he was not sure if he could make it down. I have not heard back from him. if he calls me before the day is over and does decide to go, then I'll delete this thread.

but if he does not then it will be up to purchase at face value. it is the seat right in front of me. so if you do not like me....then don't even come. biggrin.png

here is the guidelines. you have to be a big poster here or someone who replies to threads I make. not being rude; sorry I just want someone I know to seat right in front of me.

we will be tailgating Sunday morning starting around 8:00. so I want you there to tailgate as well. you can meet me at my house and ride with me if you like.

- if you are staying out of town and need a place to stay at....then I have a coach. I have other rooms but I have other people staying in there.

so the seats are not bad at all. it is section 321 on the 50. I will be on row 9 seats 5 and 6. and you will be on row 8 seat 6.

only thing is, it is not a nice ticket like we got from the falcons. it is a ticket that was printed off from ticketmaster on a piece of paper. I begged them to get it in the regular ticket, but apparently there is no way to get it sent on time with MLK day coming up.

so anyhow I will bump this thread on and off. and I look forward to seeing someone. cause I do not think this one guy is coming back down just cause he could only do it alone and the cost.

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