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Who Else Was Not Worried With 31 Secs On The Clock?


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No way will I say I wasn't worried. The return (please don't fumble!!!) two passes (don't get sacked!!! don't throw an interception, but we need yards, so don't play it safe either!!! hold onto it, Harry!!! hold onto it, Tony!!!) and waiting for the kick (you can do it, Bryant, you can do it, you've done it so many times for us!!!) took some years from my life.

But I knew we could do it.

Apparently that's exactly what Bryant started marching around to each member of the offense to say.

"We've done this before. We've done this before. Let's do it again."

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Not for 1 second did I think we would lose that Game.

At halftime, my Girl was worried ,I said why ..her response "They always **** after halftime"

They started their comeback..Not worried, she went into full blown panic mode.

They took the lead, She said "It's over, sorry honey". I reminded her we only needed 11 seconds to beat Da Bears and this time we had more and it would be plenty

I Immediately said..It's not over, we will win..She shook her head....I paused the DVR, looked her dead in the eye and said "I am so confident they will win, I'll bet you anything at all"

She chose the bet loser would have to clean the whole house naked.....Well I enjoyed the view from the couch with a Nice cold beer in hand, and the house is Spotless

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On the other end, I was pretty nervous too. Our D, for all of its strengths, has given up some really inexcusable 4th-quarter points. The Dolphins, Lions, Bears, and now the Falcons have all marched down on us at the end of a game to win it after a Russell Wilson comeback. 31 seconds felt like far, far too long.

BTW, Quizz is an incredible runner. The way he cuts is just incredible.

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I posted this in a similar thread - but this is truly what it was like in that still packed dome with 31 seconds on the clock:

I was watching the clock, tears in my eyes, my heart was in my hands when they were driving to the end zone. I said to Nito, maybe we really are cursed. Watching the clock tick down. Cursing Mike Smith because I said - go for 2 when we had the chance to take it to 28 instead of 27 and he didn't. Then came the touchdown. Then the review.

I looked at my husband. I said - please let it be a touchdown. He looked at me - and I said - they have 31 seconds. If it's not a touchdown - they'll still get one - but they won't leave us any time.

When it was confirmed - you could see the whole section change. You could hear the murmuring - 31 seconds.

I'm serious - it's like the section started waking up and realizing the time on the clock. The whole attitude was changing.

Then the return by Quizz and everyone was on their feet. You could literally feel the electricity going through the section.

Then when he called time out and they were 49 yards away - we were like - make one more play - but they had the field goal unit out.

We knew we had a chance from the 31 seconds. We knew our chances were good from Quizz's return. We knew we had it in the bag when Bryant had a second shot.

No joke - no exaggeration - you could feel the change in the fanbase with each step towards that win.

One more thing. I've been to nearly every game in that stadium. A couple of years ago, that stadium would have been half empty when they came back to 21. No one left. It would have been 3/4 empty with 31 seconds left. No one left.

I was at the Bears game - at least half of the fans were already gone when that 6 second drive began. Not on this day. Everyone stayed. Why do you think that is if they didn't believe it could happen?

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I walked off and shook my head after the touchdown, came back and saw the return and said we're in good field position now baby. After the pass to hd I walked off again and told my wife is can't watch this. Next thing I know I hear "go Tony, run that mutha fudgin ball ninja" I ran back in to see the field position then said yeah, perfect position. Then walked out again only to get a 20 second delay lol

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Honestly I thought it was over, and I thought they deserved to lose anyway. You don't blow a 20 point lead in one quarter IN THE PLAYOFFS. That gives me no confidence in our defense. This team will go as far as Matt will take them.

We didn't "deserve to lose". The team that won, should have won.

Our defense floundered when Abe went out. Also, we uncharacteristically completely blew some coverages in the 2nd half. Other than the 4th down play WillyMo had a horrible game. That won't happen again. In terms of skill level our defense is MUCH closer to the one that shut out the Giants and Seattle for a half than they are the 2nd half yesterday. Teams consistently underestimate our defense.

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