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Im Excited But ..............

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Falcons Nation I'm ecstatic about the win, BUT our front four and those linebackers in the second half almost cost us the game. No adjustments We almost collapsed in the second half on defense, we didn't make the needed adjustments and we almost let that Seattle KID beat us. I'm happy I'm excited but we need pressure from somebody other than Abe. Oh by the way, we face another mobile quarterback Sunday from San Francisco, Coach Nolan it's on u to get this defense ready on game from the SUPERBOWL!!!!!! OH yea Dirk you up next good play calling. FALCONS RTFU!!!!!!!

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I didnt really see it like this GG. Pretty sure they told our front 7 to play contain and thats what they did. I will agree that after Abe left nobody was shedding blocks but they probably had contain in mind also. I feel like our safties letting the TE run open in the soft middle of the D killed us. C4 wont be rusty next week he has missed a few games with injury and needed to get back to game speed. I expect he will be next week. And that DeCoud will have settled down as well.

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