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Atl +59 Sf +8


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That is the pt dif in common teams played. Atl is 5-1 and SF is 5-2.

There strength of schedule was tougher with 8.24 wins per opponent while the Falcons was 7 wins per opponent. Total season pt dif is +4 better for SF....+16 if you count the playoff game.

But in common games played.......Falcons +59 to the Niners +8. I like our chances.

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Please explain.....blink.png

The teams I mentioned in the orig post represent the teams that both the Niners and Falcons have played. Falcons are 5-1 in those games.....Niners 5-2. Add up the total margin of victory in those games it comes to +59 for the Falcons and only + 8 for the Niners.

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Because of their beatdown to the Seahawks, mainly is why it's so low.

...and Giants game too.

Falcons just need to win. CK is easier to defend the read-option on BUT more dangerous straight on as a runner.

Less threat passing. HOWEVER, playing their TE is important this next game, plus defending run and read-option itself.

Don't do what the Packers did.

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