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Lets Look At Some Numbers


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1st of all as many know...the Niners are a 3 pt fav...I've even seen a few 3 1/2 pt lines.

The common teams played between these teams are the following.......


ATl is 5-1....SF 5-2.

The total pt dif in those games is +8 for SF and + 59 for Atl.

I'm certainly not guaranteeing a Falcon win. However....if there is anyone out there that doubts the Falcons have a good chance to win this game.....they are...imo...nuts. The very numbers above suggest that the Falcons may in fact be the better team.

Now...the icing on the cake.....Falcons get them at home and we are going to be loose. Dont think for one second that our coaches wont correct that 2nd half defensive meltdown. They will...and the team will be better for it.

The key to beating Seattle was to stop Lynch.....and they did just that.

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