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I Got A Few Questions ...


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I was traveling for work today and was only able to watch the fourth quarter .

#1 . Did Cliff Mathews get any pressure or make any plays ?

I noticed Abe was not playing and assumed he was hurt .

#2 When the **** did Julio Jones start playing safety ?

Did he get our only inrerception ? lol

#3 How much playing time did Coffman get ?

Guy looks like he could be a steal .

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1) Naw, no pressure from the D-line. Coach Nolan had them setting a barrier to make sure Wilson didn't break loose for a long run on his read options.

2) They just had Julio at safety for that one play for prevent defensive purposes. They had him do that one or two times in the regular season as well.

3) I'm not sure how much playing time Coffman had. The only time I noticed he was on the field was during that catch. It's too early to tell but hopefully we already have Tony's replacement on the roster. He's no Tony but the combination of him and Harry Douglas getting more touches could be good once Tony is gone.

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