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Twitter Thoughts Of Nfl Players And Veterans Druing & After The Game

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I don't really get on twitter very often, but I'd like to see what other players thought about the game.

So, if you saw a cool tweet, add it to the list...I'm on my tablet at the moment, so cut and paste is a little difficult.

I know Robert Mathis commented on how bad the saints fans must fear us playing in the pooper some for the Super Bowl.

Samuel L Jackson's tweets were hilarious as the game went on.

Lawyer Milloy was tweeting some stuff.

Add some more with the quotes!!!!

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jason heywar and chipper jones gave some pro falcons tweets

Chipper said Congrats to Tony G and the Falcons! Proud of you guys! Great win!

usa soccer star charlie davies (@charliedavies9)

@Matt_Ryan2 congrats bro. Happy for you.

Hope Solo

@hopesolo said--I am crushed #fb love my Hawks!

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Someone please post Samuel L Jackson's tweets throughout the game...caution...they may need to be slightly edited for content!!

Here is how I imagine Samuel L Jackson's tweets looked: "does Roddy look like a b*itch? I said, does he look like a b*itch? Then why'd you try to f*ck him like a *****, Sherman..."

Or some other classic Pulp Fiction dialogue...

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