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Talk About Being Happy About A Playoff Victory....

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Right click it, then choose 'open up in a new tab or window'...

That's love right there...my *** would be right in there with them if I was out there!

Okay...good as long as it came out as a video...I'm good...LOL...my friend that went to the game recorded it and put of FB and I saved to my desktop and put it here because I know how we get down when the Birds handle their business!
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I still got ykw, brooking, Dunn, and Kerney jerseys. My coworker rags on me for that, which is dumb. I wouldn't wanna shell out $80 on another falcons jersey when I have 4.

I was about to say this same thing. It sorta comes down to economics. I have several jerseys, but I didn't want to shell out a bunch of money for anyone's jersey...so I got a nice JJ T-shirt from Walmart for about $22 and it looks good! Now if we get to and win the SB...I'd probably get Ryan's jersey, because he is a bad a55, make no mistake about #2!
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