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This Game Would Have Been Different If Clemons Played


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After the way we collapsed into a scared flock of lost sheep in the second half, I can see how they would feel Clemons might have provided that last little bit of defense they needed to leave the Georgia Dome with a win. That second half provided all the ammunition the national media needed to continue to abuse and disrespect the Falcons this coming week and I'm sure they'll be lowering the boom.

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Would've been different with a healthy Grimes.

If's and but's

I tried to "like" this but the button is missing. Would have been different of Ryan didn't throw two horrible picks. Would have been different if our guys had wrapped up instead of tried to bump guys in the open field. Would have been different if we lost, but guess what?

It is what it is and Clemons has a whole off-season to get better. Meanwhile, the Birds have one week to rise up and shut a lot of people up. I am so geeked right now...smile.png

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