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Naysayers Or Straight Up Media Clowns For The Sea Vs Atl Game


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Adam Schein(clown)

Frank Tarkenton(clown)

Tom Jackson(naysayer?)

Warren Sapp(clown?)

Gregg Rosenthal(clown?)

Feel free to add your own guys.

CBS Sports Clowns -

Clark Judge

Mike Freeman

Jason LaCanfora

Dave Richard

Josh Katzowitz

Ryan Wilson

NFL.com Clown -

Elliot Harrison

SI.com Clown -

Peter King

ESPN Clowns -

Mark Schlereth

Mike Ditka

I could list 20-30 other Jokers from various news outlets but I'm too tired.

And Evans, Sharper, and the guy who said we have 0 chance of winning.

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Kordell Stewart. even after the game today he was still dissing the Falcons and Matt Ryan.....he was so worng he's having trouble wiping all the egg from his face.

The guys was an awful QB when he played, especially in the playoff, completing less than 50% with 2 TD and 8 Int, and he's dissing Matt Ryan? The sad part is he talks like he was good when he played.

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