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Did Abe Missing Most Of The Game...?

Padawan Knight

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...actually help us contain Russell Wilson?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Abe and hope he's able to come back for the NFCCG. I'm just wondering if he absence is part of why we didn't see Wilson scramble as much. I'm wondering if Abe's high-motor style of play hurts us against mobile QB's at times. He has such a high burst off the line and sometimes is able to get to the back side of the pocket before the QB does. That is what helps him generate so many sacks. With Matthews in the game (who played pretty well, IMO) it seemed as though the edges were being sealed off better so that Wilson couldn't escape the pocket even though we weren't getting as much "sack pressure" on him as I'm sure we all would have liked to see.

Your thoughts?

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Abraham would have had to play bad to get wrong angles on pressure to flush the QB out of contain.

Nolan did GREAT defending his running ability. It's just really hard to bring him down ANYWAY plus having time when the zone may break down at any point in time.

Almost want to see some 3 DL looks with more DBs(6) and 2 LBs.

Maybe Kroy/Abe with Babs/Vance/Peters rotation. Weatherspoon and sometimes Nicholas(god we sucked moving with their TE today).

Need better coverage from the S position, but overall correctable. Tackling can still improve for sure, how to communicate when the zone plays last 10 seconds etc?

^That's the practice this week ON TOP OF preparing to stop their run/read-option.

49ers looked like the Falcons of 2004 vs. the Rams, last night against Green Bay.

Packers didn't defend the read-option well at all, went from shoot-out game to blowout by 49ers because of THAT FACT alone.

Nolan can only do so much. Players gotta adjust technique, their hips turning to drop their zone deeper when needed is very important.


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Russell Wilson didn't have to run with the wide open receivers all over the place. He had almost 400 yards passing.

It's coverage breakdown due to too much time to pass. Point blank. Atlanta played to defend their run, his legs(in read-option and in scrambling on pass attempts). He just basically threw all over Atlanta with the time he had.

We aren't a zone D that can sit back and cover forever.

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And the thing is, I don't see them doing that much unless he starts sitting back and throwing early in the game. Atlanta might play a mixed zone/man with a robber/blitz random stuff. Zone blitzing ftw? tongue.png The zone guy dropping into coverage with spy responsibilities? At least contain if he doesn't bait on the blitz(gotta get the pressure to make him throw or run), then the disguise plays contain at least if not spy, rest of D plays man where it wants overall zone still(or maybe just a different zone style all together, I heard Nolan's interview on 790thezone's recording sessions someone posted in TATF and he was 'really' disappointed that so many players suffered execution breakdowns, I forget specifically what he called it.

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I'd imagine Weatherspoon, let Dent and Nicholas focus most on the RB; contain is DEs/Spoon/a S here or there if Moore isn't hurt too bad to tackle(depends on what the cast deal is???).


This video while annoying from Pete Prisco, nails some points.



^The sound bites in those links.

They try to commit a blocker on the option side where the QB 'might' choose to go on their 'pistol' look.

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I'm not familiar with that game entirely, unless you are suggesting we run a cover 2? Atlanta executed poorly this past Sunday in the 2nd half while trying to play their form of 'situational' football. Keep 'em in front of you, but Atlanta's D started playing scared and undisciplined.

Nolan's comments mention the 'checks' that were missed. Guys not picking up the communication and the passing of responsibility correctly. Total zone coverage failure while playing a bum rush to 'contain' the mobile QB.

Russell got some yards on the ground but that wasn't the story at all. Atlanta was able to get some pressure earlier in the game when it was still focused. Something broke with them mentally at halftime on some level, all it takes is 1 guy not dropping in the zone correctly or playing too light/loose for situation and play development then you are caught out of position or not helping your teammates make the right play.

Just gotta work at 'big picture' within your own role as the coach sees fit. At this point, players know what they are capable of and simply have to play loose enough yet focused to get the job done with authority over what they are doing.

Communicate, take responsibility when it's your fault and improve or get beaten.

Offensively, this is a tougher in the box defense than Seattle was. If Atlanta can get well over 100 yards rushing again(125ish between backs), I like our chances to score period and move the ball in the air, too. Limit mistakes, play smart and be 'choosey' with the plays you want to execute.

I expect another good game-plan at least from both coaches. It's just up to situational calls and execution by everyone.

It's time! :)

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