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Afmb 2013 Fantasy Baseball

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almost that time of the year to kick off the league. thought i'd see who all was interested in participating this year. we offer spots back to those who competed the year before, so any of those who competed last year, feel free to claim your spot.





Cable Guy






i'll be sending out PM's to the members from last year to see if they're still interested. any spots that aren't claimed will be open to others who may want to join, so if you played last year, post here if you're going to be playing again.

keep in mind that the draft is done here on the MB's and takes about a month and a half to two months to complete. if you are returning from last years league or wanting to go on the waiting list, please keep this in mind. if you can't dedicate the time needed, you may want to consider not joining. not trying to detour anyone, but it can be pretty time consuming over the next couple of months.

we usually have a time limit of 10 hours, i think, for someone to make their pick in order to try and accommodate work schedules. if you fail to make a pick in the allotted time limit, the draft continues as normal while we wait for you to make your pick. you may make your selection at any time after that. if you pick a player that has already been picked, we continue the draft as normal and you may change your pick at any point as long as you don't pick someone who has since been picked. The clock does not run from midnight to 6 a.m. but picks can be made durring that time.

do we want to keep the same format as the past couple of years or are there any categories that you guys want to change? here's the format from last year...


C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL, DL

Batting Stats:

Runs (R ), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Walks (BB), Strikeouts (K), Fielding Percentage (FPCT), Batting Average (AVG), On-base + Slugging Percentage (OPS)

Pitching Stats:

Wins (W), Losses (L), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Holds (HLD), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Strikeouts per Walk Ratio (K/BB), Quality Starts (QS)

feel free to correct me if i made a mistake.

if any spots open up, we will fill them on a 1st come, 1st serve basis

i'd like to get responses from those that played last year by 8:00 P.M. on wednesday the 23rd. we can use the week of jan. 23rd through jan. 31st to fill any openings. if kicking off the draft on monday, feb. 4th works for everyone, we'll shoot for that. if we don't get responses by 8:00 P.M the 23rd from last years members, it will be assumed that they won't be playing this year and are forfitting their spot.

we'll use this thread for any smack talk, discussion, etc during the draft and season.

how do you guys feel about draft order? do you want to keep it random like in years past or change it up to where you pick based on how you finished. (example, the team that finished last will have the 1st pick and continue in that manner with the 1st place team having the last pick. It would still snake back like in years past.

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does yahoo have their league up yet? can we get one created.. it's important to know what positions a player is available for on yahoo because at times it doesn't jive with anyone else's list.

Not yet. The word on the interwebs is that it will be the Tuesday after the Superbowl, so this Tuesday if that holds up. Last year it was the Thursday after the Superbowl due to some glitches.

I'll be working on the draft order today and will have it posted later. I'll also work on the draft and rosters thread.

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Just a heads up, but this is the PM that I received from GOB on Sunday.

Hey man like clockwork again I'm scheduled to travel to Dubai today and Djibouti and Kenya this week. Needless to say ill be on the road alot I hope to have cell coverage if not data, so if it is my turn please text me at ********** if I am in danger of being skipped please just pick _____________________ with my back to back picks. Ill try my best not to miss any or hold up the draft just don't be afraid to text me or pick for me if it gets to that point.

I blocked out his draft strategy and cell #, but I've already sent him a text to let him know that he's on the clock. If my math's correct, he has until 7:13 p.m. to get his pick in, but I'll select for him if he hasn't by around 7:00 tonight. I'd like to give him every oppurtunity to build his team the way he wants it.

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