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Michael Turner And Other Thoughts...

Guest Negatorris

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Guest Negatorris

-I'm glad you allowed me to eat this enormous plate of crow. YOU DA MAN!

-Matt Ryan was great until about the 4th quarter. That interception was so, so, so, so, so, so, sooooooo stupid. Roddy White is a breast, but he isn't Superman. No way of completing that pass. He was shaky up until that last drive, but good job getting us into FG range like you do so often. Wilson outplayed him by far, but I'll get to that soon.

- The defense was reminiscent of BVG's D. Pass D was atrocious. It's like they settled on stopping Lynch, and just set Wilson can run free. The zone crap was painful to watch. Wilson outplayed Ryan, but I honestly think it was because Ryan was playing the better defense.

- Giving up that 20-0 lead was just horrible man. I will be optimistic and chalk it up to nerves. I think we had to get that monkey off our backs, and I think we will play loose next week. We finally ended the playoff drought. It was awesome to see that. My parents think I need to be admitted, but I don't care.

-OL was freaking great. Kudos. They were slinging defenders away like pests. It was pretty epic to see them own that physical D.

-When was the last time someone scored 30 on SEA's D? Ryan and offense were shaky, but they did more than enough to win the game. Again, the defense can't give up big azz leads like that.

I would be lying if I didn't blow my sh*t and started trashing Ryan and the D. Like Gonzo just said, I didn't see us pulling that off and we did. Another great comeback by the Heart Attack Falcons. We still have trouble containing mobile QBs. I don't know how we held up against RG3 and Vick, but I'm very nervous about next week. Kaep is more of a threat than Wilson, in my opinion.

I have no doubt SF is going to be heavy favorites next week, but the Falcons have been underdogs in the NFCCG before. I'm nervous but I have faith. The offense struggled in the 4th, but the D should NEVER give up a lead like that. I was rarely disappointed in Nolan's gameplan and the play calling. The defense looked lost out there.

Bottom line is that the offense is going to have to win the game next week in my opinion. Hopefully our team settles down and doesn't repeat that 4th quarter performance. My faith in Ryan will slowly diminish if doesn't go out and play well next week, or at least manage the game and erase big mistakes. I think he'll get it done.

SEA will definitely be scary if they get HFA in the future.

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