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Postgame Assessment

Big Rob 64

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Good: everything in the first half. The line was inexplicably able to open holes and provide a pocket for Matt Ryan.

Quizz's run made me giddy. If someone can make a gif of that, I would like to use it as my sig.

The defense was on top of everything Seattle tried to do in the first half.

The Beast was reduced to The Least.

Turner had a very good game.

Matt Ryan and Matt Bryant pulled it together in the final 31 seconds and got us a fantastic, hard-fought, much-needed win.

Bad: almost everything from mid-3rd quarter to 0:31 seconds.

Matt Ryan was visibly affected by pressure, and was in full-bore choke mode.

The coaches went Turtle-Mode again.

The defense couldn't stop the St. Mary Katherine Gallagher's School of the Blind after half time.

The LB's were completely absent in coverage. The middle-intermediate part of the field was a freaking playground for Seattle.

The offensive line was unable to provide the holes or the pocket it did in the first half. Not sure what changed, but I suspect Seattle's d-line was looking for the pass in the first half.

The screens were too few and too ineffective.

CONCLUSION: We have the ability to win, but our offensive line is a weakness that may well be too thoroughly exploited by Frisco, and their offensive line is almost certainly a strength that will be very difficult to overcome. This was a great win, and I hope for another one next week. The Niners are formidable, but not infallible. The lost to and tied the lowly Rams, remember.

THE FUTURE: We need to invest heavily in our offensive and defensive lines. Free agents, draft picks, Mr. Peabody's Wayback machine to get Mike Kenn ,Jeff Van Note, and Claude Humphry--- I DON'T CARE HOW OR WHO!!! But these units are all that stand between us and an era of dominance.

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