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Bandwagon Fans Gtfo Now!


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Shut the **** up. okay... get a fuking clue ,did you even watch the Falcons blow a 20 pt lead, and yet u have the nerve to be a "I told u so type fan" and anyone else is stimply stupid

Quoted for Truth. It's idiots like OP that make me despise the self-righteous, clueless, chest-beating, kool-aide slurping morons in here.

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All the true fans around here ever get to read "for the most part" is a bunch of crying ********.

I for one have read and sifted through the clutter over the past 12 years through multiple forum changes and it has gotten worse..

So yes I am being a ****..

Like I said. GTFO!!

go cry alone.. we are all sick of it.

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Im so sick of people trying to tell others how to be a fan. I can second guess Smitty, get angry when they blow a 20 point lead, get pissed when Matt throws a a huge int and still be a fan of this team. FU.

I am not telling anyone how to be a fan.. I am telling every single cry baby on this forum and within this fan base that crying like a fool is just that...

It makes you look a fool..

as I said all bandwagoners and cry babies can GTFO..

It's not personal..

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