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Franks has been on his man in coversge so hopefully that continues today. Who else do we have that can playb corner


Robinson Owens Franks

Samuel McClain


DeCould Mitchell

Moore Hope

wonder why they did not put Owens on IR --(will he be back next week?)

and then activate Peyton Thompson?

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I wonder exactly how healthy Samuel, Robinson and Mitchell actually are.

They all 3 were injured late in the season

Peyton Thompson from the PS????? will Owens be back next week?

Mitchell isn't really an important figure outside of special teams so I'm not really worried about him. Samuel and Robinson should be good to go. Robinson is used to it by now. No telling with owens
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Willy Mo is going to be a HUGE difference in this game. Imagine if he was around for the 2nd Carolina game, Cam wouldn't have been walking without a limp muchless running all over us. I hope WAR is R.Wilson's official spy for this game. Lay the wood, bro.

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