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President Obama Calls Saban To Congratulate Him

Mr. Hoopah!

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I miss snake. This would piss him off, and he would obnoxiously ask why Obama is calling coaches and not doing his job.


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is congratulating University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban on another BCS championship, joking that "he and the Crimson Tide are beginning to make this a habit."

Alabama won its third championship during Obama's presidency on Monday night, defeating Notre Dame 42-14 in Miami.

Obama called Saban on Thursday afternoon and noted that it was the third time he'd made the congratulatory call to the coach.

The White House says Obama commended Saban "on the incredible organization he has built" and said he looks forward to congratulating the team in person at the White House.

Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press

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In other news, President Obama is a lying **** head.. Medicare is the FIRST thing that got gutted, just ask anyone in a nursing home or in nursing like my mom. Ask all the residents who are being forced to leave because medicare no longer covers their stay.

**** that dude.

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But the House didn't just come off the last 4 years of campaigning about how the other guy was going to take away your medicare and he was going to make sure it was safe.

I am aware all politicians lie, but Obama seems to get a fair amount of passes.

Not only does it hurt the residents and their families when they are displaced, it hurts everyone who works at the facilities with a lot less hours. I think my mom worked two days last week. Because residents are being forced to leave in droves.

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