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Ravens Vs Broncos Best Playoff Game You Have Ever Seen?

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To me the 98 NFC Championship game is the best I have ever seen for obvious reasons. I was a little kid for the Elway comeback vs Brown's game but I think the Broncos were favored in that game. But the Ravens were ENORMOUS underdogs and won in a thriller. This has to be one of the best I've seen other than the 98 NFCCG. The Pats/NYG Super Bowl when NE was undefeated was great too. Please remind me of some others because I know in the heat of the moment its easy to forget but this has to be in the top 5.

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It was an extremely good game but Denver is responsible for the loss. Baltimore took advantage of the missed FG, blown coverage and interception in OT. The 1998 Falcons vs. Vikings game is still by far the most emotional hard fought game I have ever seen.

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1997 SB - Broncos vs. Packers

1998 NFC CG - Falcons vs. Vikings

1998 NFC WC - Packers vs. Niners - The Catch Part 3 for the Niners

1999 NFC DIV - Vikings vs. Rams

2002 NFC WC - Giants vs. Niners

2003 NFC WC - Seahawks vs. Packers

2003 NFC DIV - Panthers vs. Rams

2003 SB - Panthers vs. Patriots

2006 AFC CG - Patriots vs. Colts

2007 NFC CG - Giants vs. Packers

2007 SB - Giants vs. Patriots

2008 SB - Cardinals vs. Steelers

2012 AFC DIV - Ravens vs. Broncos

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