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Would Smitty Have Gone For It?

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Recap: The Broncos kneeled to run the clock down in the last 30 seconds of the 4th quarter to go into over time with two timeouts. They had the ball at the twenty and could have conceivably made a big play or two to get within field goal range to win the game.

My question is: if the Falcons were in the same situation, do you think the we would have tried to score? We did just that against the Raiders in garbage time to stop that game from going into over time. Our close victories over Carolina this year (and Chicago in 08) also proved we're capable of the game winning field goal drive with seconds left on the clock.

I understand the Broncs would have risked an interception in going for it, but with Manning at the QB position I think they should have tried.

There are plenty of things to talk about in this game but that was one of the things that stood out to me (besides Flacco straight up outplaying Manning in overtime). What are your thoughts?

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Who knows. Smitty likes to play it safe most of the time but I could see him playing aggressive in this situation. Payton Manning may be the better quarterback but I think our receiving core gives us a better chance to make the big play. Matty Ice would be throwing bombs and even with an interception deep down the field I doubt our opponent could have scored with thirty seconds left and no timeouts. Not to mention Bryant is a beast kicker, though I can't be certain he would have made a 50+ yard field goal in that weather.

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smitty plays for fg's when we are in fg range wiht 51 secons left and 2 timeouts. He is very conservative when playing elite teams. that was the game when we played the saints to preserve our undefeated season. he ran the clock down to 8 seconds instead of calling a timeout with 19 and having two shots at a td.

this inevitably cost us the game

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I dont understand why they hand the ball off on that 3rd down and 7 play toward the end of regulation. They were up by 7 and 1 1st down wins it for Denver.

Remember the toughest defeat in Falcons history......you guys know the game I'm talking about. Here is a clue.....3rd and 4 with 2 1/2 minutes to and you are up by 3 pts. Thats right....Dallas 1980. We run a toss for 2 yds and the rest was history.

You definitely let Manning throw for the game winning 1st down. He can always slide down and take the sack and the clock still runs.

He's one of the best qbs in history. Let him try to win the game for you.

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