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Seahawks Allegedly Hiked Stone Mountain Today

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They were staying at the Stone Mountain hotel so it's probably true. It's not that tough of a hike and it's certainly not dangerous.

A couple of weeks ago my friends were hiking up and a guy was running down it with a gas mask on. When they were coming down he was running back up with the gas mask still on. That's some great training right there, but they said it was very odd to see.

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They were talking about this the other day on 680 The Fan. Although, at the time it wasn't that they had done it but that they were planning to do it. Big silly freaking deal! Every time I've hiked up Stone Mountain I've been surrounded by families with children. Some as young as preschool age. Normally the adults are yelling things at the kids like, "Bobby slow down!!! Stay where mommy can see you!!" Oooooooooo, the big, scary Seahawks hiked up Stone Mountain! Oh no! The Lombardi trophy is as good as theirs! LOL!

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