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Seattle Db's?


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Can the Seapigeons DB's really cover our WR's? I think that they are extremely overrated. RGIII was shredding them until he got hurt. If not for that we wouldn't be talking about Seattle at all. My opinion.

This is a bit over-stated. RG3 had two successful drives, much of which was keyed by sweep-tosses that we were having trouble defending. RG3 definitely was playing well, but using two drives out of an entire season to discount our DBs is cherry-picking in its extreme. If ANY DB duo can cover your wideouts, it's ours. We'll see if they're as good as we hope they are tomorrow.

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There are going to be plays where our WR's get free, and plays where they have them covered up. We just gotta make plays when our guys win, because it is a lot to ask of a guy to follow our WR's around the field all day and the plays are going to be there. If Matt continues to be as accurate as he has this season we are going to hit a few big plays.

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Didn't we put up some pretty decent numbers on the same two DB's last year? Seeems to me Julio had a real good day at their place last year. Everyone except Falcons fans seem to be forgetting that.

I may be wrong but I think Trufant was starting and Sherman was playing the nickel back, but yeah it was basically the same secondary. They like to play a lot of one-on-one, so there will be plays to be had out there... Especially with Julio on Browner IMO.

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They're good, with Sherman being the better of the two. But they haven't seen a trio like Roddy, Julio and Tony. Sherman struggles with tight route runners like Roddy. Browner is not good if he can't get physical. Chancellor is not stopping Tony, nobody stops Tony. I just don't see them holding us under 21 points.

These are the productions of WRs on the road against Seattle:

Fitz: 4 catches, 63 yards

Amendola: 6 catches, 55 yards

LaFell and Smith: 3-44 and 4-40

Gore and Crabtree: 5-51 and 4-31

Young and Pettigrew: 9-100 and 7-74

Bess and Clay: 7-129 and 6-84

Marshall: 10-165

Johnson: 8-115

As we can clearly see, Young, Bess, Marshall and Stevie Johnson beat the best corner duo in the league the last four weeks of the season. They held Garcon and company, but that's pretty easy when RG3 and Garcon go down with injuries. It's going to be fun to watch tomorrow.

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